Monday, 20 December 2021 17:00

Any good marketer will tell you how important metrics are – and to their credit, metrics are quite essential to, well… everything.

But all they see are metrics! It’s all metrics this, statistics that, check the analytics, check the graph, baahh…!

Next time you’re out with your marketing friends (it’s ok, we all have them), notice how casually they love to throw out their CPAs and ROIs – and who could forget about those sexy KPIs. Mmmmhhhmm, love me some of those KPIs.

I’m also frequently in awe of their ROI – and by this of course, I mean their incredible ability to Refuse Other Interests. It’s astonishing how focused a marketeer can be. (Though, I guess they have to be with all those metrics...)

Though, not all metrics are created equal. Of all the abbreviations to grace our spreadsheets, two stand tall as true pillars of analysis. The Twin Towers, as it may. Behold, my precious, the two beings of pure stat:

• ROI – Return on Investment.

• ROAS – Return on Ad Spend.

Friday, 03 December 2021 09:32

Here we are again, coffee in one hand, yet another article on click fraud in the other. Nothing says Thursday like a good ol’ fashioned click fraud scandal. Or, in this case, any kind of fraud, really. Something to really get those juices flowing.

Today’s topic, Facebook – or rather – Meta.

Friday, 26 November 2021 17:29

As we inch closer to an all-digital reality, the term ‘digital advertising’ feels all the more redundant. Sure, print ads still have a pulse. I doubt we’ll witness the extinction of buses, Metro stations or billboards any time soon. Maybe the last one…
Regardless of what’s going extinct or not, my point is that the word ‘advertising’ has become so closely associated with its digital counterpart, it has become the de facto mental image when you think: Advertising.

Friday, 19 November 2021 11:45

Growing up in the era of dial-up internet, online chat rooms, and the iPhone. (Yes, the iPhone. No S , X, or Triple Max Pro's back then), I often wondered what our generation would be defined as.

Not quite baby boomers, not exactly millenials (who the hell comes up with these names?), it was always like this middle ground bridging the reached stagnation of yesterday and the technological revolution of tomorrow.

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