How it works

Prevent click fraud on your ads, stop wasting your budget and maximize your ads performance. AdClickProtect gives you the tools to advertise only to your desired customers!


1. We monitor your online ads

AdClickProtect will track and monitor all clicks on your digital campaigns. Analyzing all accounts from IP and IP ranges, VPN to your personalized settings.

2. We analyze all clicks from your ads

All clicks will be analyzed by our click fraud algorithms in order to list them on the “White list” or “Black list”.


3. We detect and block unwanted clicks

We automatically exclude all fraudulent IP s and list them on your Google ads account. By doing this you don’t have to worry about them ever again.

4. You save up to 20% of your ad spending

AdClickProtect will save up to 20% with auto blocking, while you reinvest this 20% to generate real traffic.